Is Adding Video Really Worth it?


The best example i like to give is, instead of having to scroll through 500 pictures or have to send those to a loved one that wasn't able to attend. Simply just relive your day in 10 minutes, send that link to a loved one and they will feel like they were there!

Am I required to Tip?

Not a requirement whats so ever! However it is always greatly appreciated, as it usually goes towards our in n out cravings while editing.

Even as far as a thank you card gives us that push, that reminds us everyday why we love what we do in this business. Capturing one of the biggest days of your lives!

Do you have recommendations for Vendors and venues to work with ?

Of Course!

Having over 75 weddings under my belt, Ive worked with all types of vendors and venues! Feel free to shoot me a message and what you're looking for and I will point you in the right direction of your budget!

What package do you recommend?


Reason being, you save more money then you know!

You get both top tier packages for both photo and video, saving hundreds of dollars. I bring an assistant who i have shot almost all my weddings with. Leaving no room for miscommunication between vendors! Its our most popular package for a reason!